Thursday, May 25, 2017

4 years!

Happy anniversary, Caleb. I cannot believe 4 years have flown by! Marriage with you has been the absolute best. Choosing you, again and again, every day, will always be my favorite thing. There is no one else I'd rather do this crazy thing called life with!

Thank you for always making me laugh (and for not judging me when I CAN'T STOP laughing)!

Thanks for that adorable way you looked at me on our wedding day. I don't know how I didn't fall into a puddle on the floor right then and there.

Thank you for just letting me vent when I need it, and for being my sounding board when I'm going crazy.

Thank you for surprising me with pizza on random weeknights. Thank you for praying for us before bed. Thank you for being my rock, every darn day.

I always have a really hard time putting into words the way you make me feel, but I'm going to try. You're the most selfless person in the world, and I'm so insanely PROUD to call you my husband. I tell people almost every single day that you're the nicest human I've ever met. You're constantly looking for ways to make me feel like the most beautiful girl in the world. There is no problem too small, and you're always willing to listen, even when you can't fix it. 

 I'm so thankful that you're a total kid at heart. I believe that is a quality that most people lose, and I'm thankful you want to hold on to that for us. You don't let anything embarrass you, and that's one of the most attractive things about you - other than your calves ;)

I just can't say thank you enough for all that you are! I'm so so so grateful to not only be your wife, but to be your best friend. I love you! Here's to a lifetime! <3

Love, K

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

A few things lately

I don't quite have the brain power this morning to whip up an entire post dedicated to one thing (and lets be honest, with vacation so close my brain is basically mush at work), so this is what you get today. Some random things that have been going on lately!

1 || I got my first legit salon pedicure last night and guys, it rocked. I am SO ticklish, so I was really nervous, but I somehow managed to survive and not kick my nail tech in the face. I'd call that a win!

2 || My Dad and Amy came over for a game night last week (they hadn't ever seen our town home) so we whipped up a healthy dinner and hung out for a while! They also surprised me with a pre-vacation gift full of awesome goodies!

3 || My new cheap hat for vacation. Can you ever have enough pineapples? No. The answer is no.

4 || Shopping for my nephew is officially the best thing ever. I mean, HOW DO I NOT BUY THE WHOLE STORE?!?! Seriously, someone teach me.

Have a fun Wednesday! We're halfway through the week!

Monday, May 22, 2017

Weekend well spent!

Friday, Caleb and I photographed a wedding for an old friend of mine! I met Abi in middle school and I remember her just being the sweetest girl! It was so fun reconnecting with her again throughout the time of her engagement. She and Alex had the most gorgeous day (even with a torrential downpour midday). and I'm obsessed with each and every image we captured for them!

Saturday I finally got my hair done! I always feel so much more like myself after a trip to the salon! My hair needed some serious TLC!! Once I got home, Caleb and I decided to run a few errands and grab some lunch together!

We spent the rest of our evening being adults (aka doing laundry and grilling out).

Sunday was a jam-packed, but awesome day! We had an early morning meeting with a bride and groom of ours, then we celebrated my nephews 1st birthday party!! I don't want to spoil it, so I'll let Erin share the photos, but it was amazing. We are so in love with our nephew, Tyler, and can't wait to continue watching him grow up!

We ended our day with youth group and prepped for the week! This is our last week before vacation and we are SO EXCITED!! I can hardly stand it.

Hope you had a great weekend!

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Operation: get rid of our junk!

Spring Cleaning just rocks. Plain and simple. Although the majority of our latest weekends we have spent working at weddings, the ones before that were full of Spring cleaning. Here I talked about how we already threw away SIX tubs worth of stuff and donated over 3 huge trash bags of clothes, and we've been taking little steps here and there to minimize our overall amount of "stuff".

Caleb and I actually rent our current home and while it's not always ideal, it's what has worked for us so far. Our lease is up this year, though, so we are beginning to have the conversation of what will come next for us and our living arrangements. One thing we do know is we want the LEAST AMOUNT OF JUNK as possible when it's time to move!

So I'm going to be applying Emily Ley's Simplified Challenge to our home again the next month or two! I don't know about you, but getting rid of stuff just feels GOOD, right? I always love how simple the prompts are, but by the end of the month my life just feels cleaner and so much more manageable.

I love how simple her challenges are, yet they bring the most amazing results and seriously make you feel like a cleaning boss! Anyone else want to join me? ;)

Hope you have a fun day ahead! We have some family coming over tonight for a game night and I'm making some delicious food! I love getting to cook for other people -- I'm having flashbacks of 2013 Kayla who was afraid to prepare anything other than cereal. Oh how far I've come, and still have a looong way to go! ;)

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Our weekend!

This past weekend was glorious. I was able to get in so much relaxing time, it was amazing. Friday night, I was originally supposed to have some me-time (think ice cream and chick flicks) because Caleb had plans, but they ended up getting cancelled! So we popped in a movie after dinner and kept it low key.

Saturday was amazing. We had nothing to do ALL. DAY! I can still hardly believe it. We woke up, and hit up an insane used book sale at a local convention center. We scored big time with some old books (for decoration) and even some new reads! We got home around lunch time and decided to wait it out and just have ourselves an early dinner. We headed back out to Texas Roadhouse because we had a gift card that was burning a hole in my wallet since Christmas! Caleb made the executive decision to get the most delicious appetizer on the menu and guys, it did not disappoint.

It was so fun to spend a couple of hours on a date just relaxing, with nowhere to be, no time constraints, etc.! We ended up getting home around 6 and we decided to get some stuff done around the house. Around 8:30 we felt like taking a walk, so we trekked up the the local dollar store and bought a few snacks for another movie night!

Sunday was awesome. I wish I could've spent some time with my momma, but with her currently living in Maine for her job, that sadly wasn't going to happen! So after church, we took my Nanny out to lunch. She couldn't decide where she wanted to go so when we mentioned our favorite Mexican place she was thrilled! She had never been, so of course we had to introduce her to it. I'm happy to report she loved it and definitely wants to go back!

 It was so great to spend some time with just her and talk about everything and nothing. I LOVE that woman. She is such an inspiration to me (and so many others) and I pray to be half the woman she is when I get older!

Hope everyone had a great weekend, too! 

Friday, May 12, 2017

Happy Friday!

This week was insane, and I am exhausted! Yesterday was particularly hard. Just felt like the Devil was doing his best to hit me from every angle but I'm happy that in the end I won. I switched my perspective and decided to keep a smile on my face (after a semi-breakdown in my car on my lunch break but we won't talk about that)! ;)

This week was honestly a huge blur so I really don't have much to say, but I DID want to pop  in and say HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY WEEKEND to my favorite momma's out there...especially these two! My Momma and my Grandmother. They are incredible.

Thank you both for raising me, and always keeping me laughing! I truly don't know what I'd do without you both. I hope you have an awesome weekend!! You deserve it!

Shout out to all my other momma-friends, too! You're all KILLIN IT and setting the bar so high! You inspire me everyday!

Caleb and I are thrilled because we have no plans this weekend, and that hardly ever happens. You better believe we're soaking it UP! Enjoy, friends!

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Work with all your heart.

I'm pretty sure by now that my long-time readers know about my faith, but if I'm being totally honest, some days I am not a great Christian. I sin, I fall short, I say things I shouldn't say. Sometimes I get angry at slow drivers, have a short temper with those I love most, and I question God's will for my life (more than I'd like to admit).

Another thing you should know about me is that I have a passion for photography and that Caleb and I own a business together. There was this one wedding in particular when we were first getting started that meant we would have to miss an event with friends/family. To be totally honest, I let the bitterness build up inside me that entire week leading up to it, knowing every one else had a day off to do whatever they wanted, and annoyed (even though we loved what we did) that we would spend that whole day working and on our feet, exhausted by the end of it.

Then I opened my Bible app and wouldn't you know it, I saw exactly what I needed to see. It was a much needed slap in the face. God was whispering His truth to me that morning. 

The whole version is this: Colossians 3:23-24: Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for man, since you know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward. It is the Lord Christ you are serving.

When I actually think about going through the motions of my day (whatever it is; work or play) and doing each and every single thing FOR THE LORD, and not for man or for myself, I can do it all with a little more joy in my heart. NOTHING that we do is insignificant. God can use you, even when you think it's "too small".

I don't care if you're...

taking photos,
flipping burgers,
typing essays,
cleaning toilets,
answering phone calls,
studying for hours
responding to emails,
making coffee,
feeding your kiddos,
driving a truck,
writing music,
making websites,
giving manicures,
scooping ice cream,
or watering plants.

What you do has significance. What you do and how you spend your time has purpose. I now go into each and every day at work, as well as weddings on the weekends, with a different perspective. The seemingly small actions that I do throughout the day is potential to serve. Like when I offer a client coffee to enjoy in our lobby while they wait for their appointment. Or on a wedding day when I help button up a brides dress, or when Caleb offers to pin all of the groomsmen's boutonnieres because no one quite knows how to properly.

IT ALL MATTERS. No matter how small it may seem in the moment, God can use you. You can spread joy in any situation. Give it a try :) I hope this encouraged you today to see that you are part of something bigger than yourself.